What the Heck is Nerium, and Why Should I Care?

I’m lazy.  I mean lazy to the point of waking up in the morning with my eyes glued shut because I’m still wearing last night’s makeup.  As a result, my skin has suffered.  Come to think of it; I’ve never had good skin.  I grew up having horrible acne and even now at 42 I still deal with the occasional breakout and have not learned my lesson NOT to PICK!  I often refer to my complexion as a cruel joke God likes to play on me, kind of like my hips. I’ve tried every instantly recognizable product line there is and seen different dermatologists who have been more than happy to sell me their line of skin care products for the equivalent of a car payment.  I stick with it for a few weeks; I notice my skin changing, not sure if it’s for the better, too soon to tell, but I’m already bored with the routine and as with everything else in today’s world I want instant gratification and I’m not getting it.  So, I throw in the towel and throw away a small fortune in products.

When it comes to my skincare routine, and I use the term “routine” very loosely, I am almost NEVER willing to try anything that requires more than two maybe three steps maximum. Laborious makeup crazes that look like a paint by number on your face before you blend may end up being a Copperfieldian illusion but let’s face it; I’m never going to do it.  I don’t even have the patience to teach my son to aim when he pees let alone Kardashian my cheekbones, lips, and eyebrows. Yet, as I scroll through my Facebook feed, the same marketing geniuses that put Kleenex in shiny boxes with candy canes on them at holiday time call out to me from behind new product images with clever names and strategically placed links enticing me to click. Maybe it’s some incredible blackhead treatment from Korea that I absolutely must have for the pure satisfaction of seeing the juicy stalagmites of dirt, oil, and grime dotting the landscape of the black sheet I just peeled off of my nose. Or a brand new 3-step approach that sold out in just six seconds when it first launched.  Whatever it is, if it has clever marketing and promises to make my skin look like it did in my 20’s I buy.  I buy, and I wait, and I watch the mail and eventually, praise the Lord it arrives!  I use it maybe for a week or two but the multi-step process and lack of instant results are cause enough for me to break-up with it, and on my shelf it sits for the next few months until I finally throw it away. What’s the moral of the story? I need to stop spending money on products with great ad campaigns!  I also need to stop buying things that require more of a time commitment than I know I’m capable of giving, and lastly I need to acknowledge that having the occasional breakout like a teenager doesn’t mean I can treat my breakout with teenager products.

At this point, I’m all set to hit my local drug store and purchase whichever one step cleanser/ blackhead eraser/ fountain of youth product has the best or most appealing packaging  (marketer’s dream that I am), when my friend starts talking to me about a skin care line she recently started selling; much like the Avon lady in her pink Cadillac. My first reaction?  My eyes were rolling back into my skull.  I absolutely ​HATE​ pyramid schemes or to be “P.C.” Multi-Level Marketing Distribution, MLM. The only time I’m ever okay with a friend asking me to buy something is when Girl Scout Cookies are on sale, and if I don’t get a call from them then, heads will roll.  Second, I instantly started making excuses in my head to pardon myself from following the regimen each day.  I imagined ways to lie to myself about why I couldn’t be bothered to wash my face, tone it down, roll it with a pin cushion and smother it with serum. I imagined high-fiving myself for getting away with it too.  My friend seemed so extremely upbeat and positive about the product she is selling that I couldn’t help but listen to her spiel and let’s hope that turns out to be a good thing because now she’s got me hooked.

One thing I noticed immediately, was the information she was sharing on a line of products called Nerium, was very different from what I was used to. (Check out the Products Videos at the end of this article for more information.)

The vast majority of skin care marketing is either geared toward the teen audience and the ads lack anything substantive, these marketing geniuses, realizing their target audience has the attention span of a fruit fly fill their ads with beautiful girls and their unblemished skin and shirtless young men baring washboard abs who let’s face it are obviously only handsome because of their acne treatment. Either way, by the end of the commercial you’re convinced that if you buy whatever the product for beautiful people is, you are sure to become them, befriend them, or betroth them.  At the other end of the spectrum, we have the second demographic skin care is mass marketed to, middle age to older women.  These commercials and ads use Hollywood beauties either in the twilight of their lives, or the awkward in-between stage where childbearing is behind us but we’re not ready to trade a stroller for a walker. In this instance we are supposed to believe that these women from the upper echelon of society use the very same products I can get at the store. That with all their millions of dollars when they need facewash they run to the nearest Wal-mart. No joke, you can achieve their “Of course I’ve had Botox, I’ll never admit it, but if you use your brain, which the advertisers of this product are gambling on you not having, you will, of course, know that I work in Hollywood and my face is my money-maker, so of course I’ve had Botox you ninny but buy this product anyway!” If you were able to follow that, then you’re ready for this, my friend was using the science behind the products to peak my interest, no gimmicks, no sexually charged montages of gorgeous young women wrapped in the arms of a chiseled young man on horseback galloping through the ocean surf at sunset.  She was using real science.  And I really appreciated it.

In addition to the very thorough understanding, my friend demonstrated having of the ingredients and the role they each play in the different products was the simplistic beauty behind the regimen, and that is; there is no regimen.  Yup, you heard me right, there is no regimen.  It almost sounds too good to be true, not having to follow an arduous routine each morning and each night is perfect for me.

Nerium’s product line consists of eight items.  Eight. There is no cleanser.  You use your own, which for someone like me living at both ends of the spectrum, having some acne while also needing the benefits of a postmenopausal woman in her early 40’s, this is a great place to start. It’s already proven unique in that I’m not locked into an acne treatment plan ​or​ a skin repair plan; I can have both.  Another huge bonus to this product line is the cost.  It is so reasonably priced that even if it isn’t right for me, I’m not out a fortune.  Now I am aware that everyone has their price point at which something becomes a luxury item or an impossibility, that being said, Nerium is priced to provide more consumers accessibility to very high quality skin care which I for one am grateful for.  So let’s run down the list of their products to show you just how simple it really is.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases*

To be honest, the idea of taking a supplement that has not been FDA approved makes me a little uncomfortable, so I emailed the list of ingredients to my Primary Care Physician to get his thoughts on it before I decide to take it or not.  Also, I made a list of the conditions I would like to see improved upon or even eradicated; uneven skin tone, sun damage, puffiness, pores the size of Chicago potholes, scarring, dry but oily at times, and I sweat.  Not overly challenging, probably not unlike many of you who are also hoping to find a simple, miracle solution to skincare.  So I am going to give Nerium a try.  I’m excited to support my friend and her business. Knowing that my money is helping provide for her family is a fabulous feeling! That’s one of the best parts of this! And I’m pretty sure even I can handle a routine this easy.  Hopefully next week I’ll have some results to post! Until then, do your own research, feel free to comment and ask questions, and I will do my best to answer them in next week’s installment of “What the Heck is Nerium and Why Should I Care?”

Written by: Kate Barg Kreiman

Check out the Videos my friend shared with me for More Information on Each Product!

This first video briefly goes over each product.

Specific Product Videos

youth factor

This Company Gives Back to the Community in So Many Ways!

Nerium was just Honored as Top 20 Company by the Direct Selling Association!

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