Instant Eye Wrinkle Reduction and more!

If you are looking for a permanent solution to dark circles, puffy or baggy eyes, lines or eye wrinkles, and don’t want to pay for expensive surgery or Botox, you must keep reading!


If you have paid outrageous amounts of money on products that claim to be a miracle solution to your eye problems, only to be disappointed, then Nerium International has the permanent, and instant, solution to renew your face to its youthful vigor (and they offer a 30 day MONEY BACK Guarantee!)


That’s crazy! Who does that??

I dare you to walk into a store that sells anti-aging products, buy something that looks like it works
based on expensive marketing tactics, use it for 30 days, and then go return it and ask for your money back. I’d love to know if you are successful!

eye serumOn April 14, 2016, Nerium International released a one of a kind product, with scientifically proven and patented ingredients, just for your eyes.

Just one pump, twice a day, under each eye, and within one hour of using it for the first time, you will notice a difference! Be sure to take a before and after picture so you can compare your results.

Stop searching for that magical eye serum that will make you look amazing and years younger. Magic isn’t real. It doesn’t exist, and you will continue to be disappointed.

Instead, why not trust in something a little more solid…like Science!

Rooted in science, Nerium’s products are clinically proven, independently tested, and formulated with exclusive and patented age-defying ingredients.

At Nerium International™, our promise is to craft quality, anti-aging products based on scientifically advanced ingredients that promote a healthy lifestyle. Our Scientific Advisory Board, comprised of leading professionals in dermatology and microbiology, serves to further that mission.

Independent clinical testing ensures each of our products provides real and visible results with the highest level of safety.Nerium products1

Listen to what scientists and doctors are saying about Nerium.

Read more about the New Eye Serum. Eye Serum Fact Sheet

Listen to real people give their real reviews and testimonials about Nerium products.

Nerium’s created quite a buzz in the media, news, in the hands of celebrities and winning awards.

Check out some of our favorite placements. Watch a review of our accomplishments!


From blogs to magazine reviews, our products are making quite the splash. See what the world is saying!



When a company explodes on the scene as Nerium has, it’s bound to turn heads. Read more about this incredible business.


It’s no surprise that our products are the talk of the town, both on and off the red carpet! Where has Nerium gone?


Nerium Press Releases

Country openings, new product launches, and bringing new executives on board: that’s just the tip of the iceberg with a company that grows as quickly as Nerium does!

Nerium products3


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