The Youth and Truth about Teeth

Ever Find Yourself with a Loose Tooth, a Piece of Rope, and a Doorknob,  Ready to End the Wiggly Tooth Trauma?  I'd read this children's book (and find the adorable hidden cat on each page) before you attempt to remove a loose tooth yourself! Although not a topic within the norm of this blog, I … Continue reading The Youth and Truth about Teeth

What the Heck is Nerium, and Why Should I Care?

I absolutely ​HATE​ pyramid schemes or to be "P.C." Multi-Level Marketing Distribution, MLM. The only time I'm ever okay with a friend asking me to buy something is when Girl Scout Cookies are on sale, and if I don't get a call from them then, heads will roll.


On Your Own: Should You Self-Publish?

The Self-publishing Route has Exploded as a Platform for Writers to Become Authors, and get Their Written Work into the World, Without Waiting for an Agent to Pick up Their Book and Decide it’s Worthy

Earn Your Summer Body – You Could Win Cash Prizes

The Newest Nerium News!! (Love me some alliteration!) Tighten up your winter skincare regimen with Firming Body Contour Cream. You could have sleek, younger-looking skin in time for summer. Plus, if you track your progress in our new 90-Day Challenge, you'll be entered to win one of three cash prizes, including the $3,000 grand prize. … Continue reading Earn Your Summer Body – You Could Win Cash Prizes

An Honest Review of Nerium Eye-V Moisture Patches

Is this Really a Date Night Must Have? Being a person that is always open to trying new things at least once, as well as a skeptic that believes things can't work as well as somebody says they could, I'm the perfect person to be writing about Nerium's new Eye-V Moisture Boost Hydrogel Patches because … Continue reading An Honest Review of Nerium Eye-V Moisture Patches

A Nerium Eye Serum Secret Revealed!

I apologize to Nerium International for busting out this secret about their eye serum! I'm just so glad I can share this with anyone who will listen! Click here to watch. Learn more.  

Instant Eye Wrinkle Reduction and more!

If you are looking for a permanent solution to dark circles, puffy or baggy eyes, lines or eye wrinkles, and don’t want to pay for expensive surgery or Botox, you must keep reading!

Angela’s Story

Such an inspirational story, full of hope and a drug free alternative, for people who suffer from ADHD, ADD, etc.

Nerium Health

angelaMy granddaughters name is Angela. She is 14 years old. She has cerebral palsy, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and several other medical issues.

At one point, she was taking five different medications for her medical conditions.

The one medication which always bothered me was the Focalin she took for her ADHD. She became tired easily, and was unable to focus at school. Her psychiatrist prescribed Focalin.

This medication gave Angela many Obsessive Compulsive behaviors. About 20 minutes after taking this medication, her brain would race and she needed to flip pages in a book, or sort cards by color and then by number, and she would repeat this over and over.

We had tried most of the ADHD medications before settling for the Focalin. It worked to keep Angela awake during school. When the medication wore off, Angela would crash and get very tired and irritable. I hated what…

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Don’t Waste Your Money Anymore!

Like many people in their late 30’s or early 40’s, I decided to start searching for the best anti-aging cream after coming across an old photo album from high school. Boy did I get depressed! I knew the moment would eventually come, but there was no way I was ready! Instead of hitting the shelves in the … Continue reading Don’t Waste Your Money Anymore!

What if it were easy to work from home?

What if you had access to all the resources you might need? What would your future self – you 20 years from now – advise you to do? What would you do if you knew you couldn't possibly fail? I'm looking for two motivated people to join my team. We are based in Chicago, but … Continue reading What if it were easy to work from home?